Staying in the US After Your Fulbright: When Your Visa Transfer Request is Granted

  • A letter from you formally requesting a transfer and specifying the exact length of the transfer, with starting and ending dates. You will need to explain specifically why the transfer is needed.
  • A letter from your faculty associate supporting your request, which includes the same starting and ending dates listed in your letter.
  • Confirmation from your home institution that you have been given leave for the period requested.
  • Confirmation of funding. Please provide either a letter from a funding source, specifying the amount of support or a bank statement, if you are planning to use personal funds. The Department of State recommends that you have at least $2,000 per month for the period requested.
  • Written agreement to obtain health and accident insurance for any accompanying dependents (please use the attached document for this). For visa transfers, you will need to obtain insurance for yourself, as well.
  • A letter from the university or institution that will sponsor you stating its intention to issue a DS-2019 form.
  •   If your request meets the requirements and your documentation is complete, CIES will submit your request to the Department of State and inform you of its decision.  If you obtain a transfer, remember that the 2-year home rule still applies after your J1 VISA ends!   Written by 2011-2012 Belgian Scholar Jeroen Pollet]]>