IELTS International-USA Launches Linked-In Page

The new IELTS International-USA Linked-In group will serve as a platform for any organization who works with international candidates who need English proficiency for academic or higher education purposes. It will also serve organizations that require English proficiency in their work environment. The high quality of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) helps organizations like yours, whether an educational institution, government professional body, or commercial organization, identify people with the appropriate level of English language proficiency.

The new Linked-In page will serve as an additional point of contact with IELTS International-USA.  It will serve as a forum to provide information on IELTS webinars; IELTS on-campus seminars/workshops; new test centers; information on becoming a test center; and information on developing IELTS preparation courses.  We will also provide you with international education articles and news on upcoming international education conferences.  We hope that you will visit the page frequently and share your expertise in international education with your colleagues.

Visit them on Linked-In.  Search “IELTS International-USA”.

New IELTS Guide for for educational institutions, governments, professional bodies and commercial organizations

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