Interning at the Fulbright Commission Belgium – Part 3

Being an intern at the Fulbright Belgium office was by far one of the best experiences I have had in my life. Even though I was nervous, having never travelled before and learning so much about higher education through Education USA just a week before arriving, my week in the beautiful town of Brussels with the fantastic Fulbright Team surpassed all of my nerves.

I had the opportunity to meet some wonderful people during my time in Brussels  because of the Fulbright team. From ambassadors, to European Commission Employees, to a Day a NATO there truly was never a dull moment. Meeting each of these people was life changing, as well as the messages they passed on to me about their work and even my future. I was able to see how despite working through different operations, everyone (including Fulbright) comes together to give students the chance to further their education and to have a bright future. Pretty awesome stuff!!

Not only did I have the chance to learn so much, but I had a great time making new friends! The other interns Anne and Nimai were so sweet and made my time in Brussels so much fun! I took a day trip to Brugge with Anne, and Nimai acted as my tour guide so I wouldn’t get lost! Ali and Erica were so much fun and make Fulbright a successful office, as well as making it such a fun place to be! Everyone I encountered while at Fulbright made an impact on my life and I cannot put into words how thankful I am for all they did.

Lastly, being an intern with Fulbright is one of the most enriching experience because you see the hard work of these workers that truly want the best for students of any nationality. Listening in on an advising appointment, I was able to watch as Adviser Ali had nothing but tips and information to help this student. Erica and the entire staff at Fulbright work nonstop to make sure that students’ dreams of seeing the world and getting an ideal education come true. I was so touched and proud to know that I had the opportunity to work with this amazing staff and I hope to have the chance to work with them and other Fulbright offices in the future!!

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