Interning at the Fulbright Commission-Part II

Hi everyone! I’m Nimai Bakhshi, an intern at the Fulbright Commission and an undergraduate student at New York University. I’ve completed many interesting tasks during my internship, including everything from interviewing a college representative for our YouTube channel (which means I’ll be on YouTube!) and advising students about higher education in the United States to managing the Commission’s statistics. Other intriguing tasks that we’ve completed include managing massive guest lists as well as making a pre-departure presentation for students planning to go to the United States. It was also pretty exciting going to the Ambassador’s house to assist in receptions and presentations.


Outside of work there is so much Belgium has to offer, which includes its central location in Europe and a plethora of wonderful places to visit. Also, the diversity inside Brussels is outstanding since I’m usually able to hear five or more different languages being used in a single day. After the many weeks I’ve spent in Brussels, there’s still so much I haven’t discovered about Brussels, let alone Belgium. (Be sure to try the frites!)


Make sure to check Fulbright Belgium’s YouTube channel and Flickr page to stay updated on everything going on at the Commission!


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