Interning at the Fulbright Commission

Hello from the Royal Library in Brussels! I’m Anne Boucher, an intern at the Fulbright Commission, and a Mount Holyoke student (Mount Holyoke College is a women’s institution in the state of Massachusetts). I arrived in Brussels a couple of weeks ago and have since been completely immersed in the world of diplomacy and higher education. Life has been interesting in Europe’s capital where I constantly hear different languages on the bus and never know if I should speak French or English (unfortunately I don’t speak Dutch).




It’s been a very busy month in the Fulbright Office as we’ve managed events for Maggie Nicholson’s retirement and prepared meetings for International Students going to the States ( Check out our Flick page to see all the pictures!). On top of organizing guest lists and administrative work, I’ve had the opportunity to attend a Fulbright Reception at the Ambassador’s house. I spent most of the evening greeting people at the door and then taking photographs throughout the evening as Ambassador Gutman greeted guests. I had never imagined myself as a photographer, but I have to admit it was a lot of fun. It was a great way to actually meet people, hear what they did in life and then take a snapshot of them with the Ambassador.


2012-06-18 09.35.16


Life at the Embassy is not all champagne and chandeliers. I often go down to “The Hub”, the Embassy’s Media Center. Fulbright is fortunate enough to record interviews of students who have gone to the States or came to Belgium to study, and of course college representatives. While I get to hone my interviewing skills my interviewees get to sit under hot lights and answer all my questions. Before they go in the studio most people are fine, chatty, natural giving me excellent details and anecdotes then they get in front of the camera and they freeze up. It’s been an exercising in learning how to relax people when they know the camera is rolling. Check out what we’ve been working on at our YouTube Channel:


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