My break from the Minnesotan Winter

DSC01502e Winter in Minnesota is certainly no joke and it starts early ; ever since mid-November, the temperatures have dropped to reach -45C and there has been a meter of snow in my backyard for weeks now… Despite it all, I do go out and try out typical winter activities (ice fishing, snow shoeing, skiing, etc.)

I must say, everyday I am scared to watch the weather forecast but by now, -17C does no longer feel “that” bad and it is mostly sunny out here, which lifts my spirit every time…
Luckily I had a break from the harshest winter I have ever experienced. I seized the opportunity to travel the US during winter break. My journey started with my mid-year conference with all the Fulbright FLTA’s in Washington DC. Together with some international friends, I explored the East Coast first, then the South of the US, to finally enjoy a true summertime is Oahu.
From DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans to Honolulu… WHAT A TRIP! What an experience! I had a blast talking to Americans sharing their stories, living their dreams… This country is so rich in breathtaking landscapes, monuments, cities but most of all its people. In short: I cannot wait for spring break… – Emilie Van Leemput]]>