September 25, 2015: Mundaneum Edition of the Otlet Salons

otlet2015 We are honored to invite you to the Mundaneum Edition of the Otlet Salons on September 25th, 2015 in Mons – European Capital of Culture 2015. The event will take place at the Mundaneum Museum, which has recently reopened its doors and which hosts the legacy of Paul Otlet. We invite you to take part in the public discussion and we hope you find new ideas and make new contacts during this network event that aims to foster new cooperation across the borders of disciplines, institutions and society. Registration is free but compulsory at: Please note that registration closes on September 5th, 2015 and is limited to 40 people, so we can optimally accommodate all guests. This invitation is strictly personal, but if you know other potentially interested and interesting people, please let us know. Please indicate whether you would like to participate in the afternoon event in Mons and the Mundaneum as well. September 25th 2015 – 16h-22h Mundaneum, Rue de Nimy 76, 7000 Mons Keynote – Pieter Colpaert (iMinds) “When Data Want to be Reused” Followed by a panel and public discussion. Panel members:

  • Femke Snelting ‎(Constant VZW)
  • Marc Vael (ISACA, UAMS and Solvay)
  • Jan Van Hee (Arteveldehogeschool, POLITEIA)
  • Philippe van Impe (European Data Innovation Hub)
Registration is free but compulsory at: Stay informed by subscribing to our blog: The main event starts at 19h30 at the Mundaneum. Pieter Colpaert (iMinds) will present a keynote on efficient data use in the 21st century: “What kind of data do we want to share or make publicly available?” The keynote will be followed by a discussion by panel members with a variety of experience in data usage and a nice balance between “open” and “proprietary” views. Before the main event, we additionally offer participants the opportunity to explore Mons. VisitMons has offered us a free visit of the city, while the Mundaneum has offered a free visit of the Mundaneum Museum. After that, a sandwich dinner is available at the Mundaneum at very democratic prices. When you register, please let us know whether you would like to participate in the afternoon activities and/or the sandwich dinner, so we can inform our partners. The complete schedule is as follows: 16h: Guided visit Mons – gathering at the Mundaneum Museum 17h30: Guided visit Mundaneum Museum 18h30: Sandwich dinner 19h30: Otlet Salons, Mundaneum Edition 21h15: Network drink About the Keynote Pieter Colpaert ( is a researcher at Ghent University (iMinds) on publishing data on web scale. He believes “open” will make a tremendous difference in our lives in different domains. For that purpose he co-founded Open Knowledge Belgium: a not-for profit organisation supporting different “open” communities such as open access, open street map, open transport, creative commons, etc. More about the panel members at The Otlet Salons This initiative is in honor of Paul Otlet, Belgian scientist, author, entrepreneur, lawyer, peace activist and visionary. Otlet worked as a peace activist with Henri La Fontaine, who won the Nobel price for Peace in 1913. Together, they had a vision of a “World City”, a utopian place where scientists, international organizations and other visionaries could live and work together. This project almost realized on the left bank of Antwerp in 1933, under the architecture of Le Corbusier, but the declining economy and the advent of the Second World War blocked these plans. Paul Otlet also envisioned a central database system, where people could tap into from all over the world, and is seen as one of the precursors of a later World Wide Web and Google more in particular… Please find more info on this visionary: Facebook: Otlet Salons Wordpress: Otlet Salons This time, we would like to propose a good read for the remainder of the summer days: The Difference by Scott Page. It is about how the power of diversity creates better groups, firms, schools and societies, rather than a team of specialists. I met Scott a few weeks ago at the Santa Fe Institute (USA) where he works on complex systems and social networks. Directions The Mundaneum is only 1 km (15 minutes walk) from the train station of Mons. There are trains from Brussels 3 times per hour; the 18h17 train from Brussels Central arrives in Mons at 19h11. The last train to Brussels leaves at 22h22 in Mons. Sleep Visit!/page/1 All the best and we are looking forward to welcome you, The organizing committee, Dr. Bert Vercnocke (University of Amsterdam, Fulbright alumnus) Charlotte Saelemakers (POLITEIA) Prof. Dr. Didier Caluwaerts (Harvard Kennedy School, VUB, Fulbright alumnus) Glenn Magerman (University of Leuven, Fulbright alumnus) Pieter-Jan Valgaeren (iMinds, Hasselt Triennial) We are grateful for our partners, without whom this initiative would not be possible:]]>