September 26, 2015: TedxFulbright

tedx_fulbright 2015 The Fulbright Association and the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the Fulbright Association are proud to invite you to take part in TEDxFulbright2015, the perfect platform for spreading Fulbright ideas. Our global event will gather global leaders under the interdisciplinary theme Fights Worth Fighting on Saturday, September the 26th, at the Broad Stage at the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center. The event aims to facilitate deep interaction, creative and transformative idea generation, and inspiration from the network of change-makers to which all Fulbrighters contribute. For distant Fulbright communities around the world, we are able to offer the opportunity to view and participate through a live webcast offered free to individuals and alumni chapters. We are extending this invitation to encourage Fulbright alumni groups to organize a viewing party for members, area alumni, visiting Fulbright scholars and other interested parties. TEDxFulbright2015 promises to be an outstanding event featuring internationally prominent speakers, such as Solomon W. Golomb and Dolph Lundgren. Program developments will be shared continuously on the event website,, and social media outlets. If you would like additional information, plan to arrange a viewing party, or have questions, please submit the online form or contact Cristina Galalae at for further details. We look forward to sharing our Fights Worth Fighting with you and your local community. Sincerely, Cristina GALALAE TEDxFulbright Marketing Coordinator Viewing Party Ideas Submit your Viewing Party name and location, and the TEDxFulbright Onstage Host will welcome you during the event. Schedule your own local speakers that embody the theme, “Fights Worth Fighting”. Coordinate Tweet Breaks (tag tweets with #TEDxFulbright2015 so we can follow around the world). Facilitate a discussion in your own community about bold action toward social change, including past, present, and future opportunities. Have a group discussion about the talks your audience will have just heard. Take a video of your viewing party saying the following: “TEDxFulbright, Fights Worth Fighting”. Please also include the location and affiliation of the group. Send us a link to the video so that we might include part of it in a video compilation commemorating the event. Take photos of your viewing party and your participants showing your fists. Send them to us after the event so we can post them up on the TEDxFulbright social media pages. Make sure to tag and caption them so everyone can know what you are fighting for. Be creative and have fun! TEDxFulbright will continue to host at least one event per year. Have a group discussion and decide who you think would best represent your region at the next event. Put together a pitch and have a representative submit once the Call for Speakers is distributed later this year. TEDxFulbright viewing parties must adhere to the rules below:

  • Viewing parties must be held in a non-commercial venue, such as a home, school, or community center.
  • Parties must be free of charge to an audience of up to 100 people.