June 1, 2016: Finding Things – Fulbright Fellow Lecture at ULB

Date and Location: Wednesday June 1st, 2016, 4PM, room: Salle Solvay NO5 (ULB)
Title: Finding Things with 2015-2016 Fulbright scholar to Belgium John Iacono (New York University, USA)

Abstract: Speed matters. Faster algorithms create a better user experience and and also use less resources in terms of both power consumption and the number of computers needed to handle a given workload. Standard textbook algorithm development is done using a simplistic model of a computer which is increasingly irrelevant as modern computational devices are not simple, with a heterogeneous mix of multiple CPUs, GPUs, disks, SSDs, and caches, each of which have radically different performance characteristics and which require different algorithms. In this talk we explore the world of modern computational hardware, abstract models of this hardware, and different algorithm design paradigms that have been developed to exploit maximal performance from different types of hardware. We examine this through the lens of the one of the most fundamental class of algorithms: search algorithms.

The speaker is hosted by Stefan Langerman.