Time Flies

Time abroad always flies. The last weeks of the second semester are already approaching, and the preparation for finals are beginning. It has been a very rainy winter in the Bay Area, but right now summer is coming and the temperatures are going up, giving us finally the Californian weather we were all expecting. This semester is even more loaded with work and courses, but that also means that I am having the possibility to learn as much as I can and get the most out of my stay in the U.S. One year master programs are usually very intense. Cambridge This semester UC Berkeley was visited by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. She gave a very powerful talk to us Berkeley students. These experiences make my Fulbright and study experience even more exciting and valuable. Being exposed to all these amazing resources and successful people is very inspiring. Berkeley_Campanile On top of the normal course work, our studio course in the Master of Urban Design Program had the opportunity to do a workshop at the University of Cambridge in England during spring break. We worked in teams from students of both universities in order to work on an urban design project. We had a lot of guest lectures and it was very enriching to learn from one another. Now thesis work and graduation are approaching! I am very excited for the months to come and I will keep seizing every opportunity that comes my way! – Catherine Schiltz 2016-2017 Luxembourg Fulbright grantee]]>