The Hoover Belgian-U.S. Legacy Gala, October 13, 2017

Join us on Friday, October 13, 2017, to honor the work of the Commission for Relief in Belgium, which supplied six million tons of food to help keep the citizens of Belgium and Northern France alive during World War I. After the war, the remaining funds were used to help rebuild Belgium, particularly in the fields of education and academic research. We cordially invite you to a gala dinner dance at the Renaissance Brussels Hotel, where we will celebrate and commemorate the courage and initiative of several individuals on each side of the Atlantic who came together in a partnership to help sustain Belgium and the subsequent legacy in the field of education that came out of this initiative. Schedule: At 7:00 p.m., we will welcome you in the foyer with an apéritif while you listen to music provided by the SHAPE band. At 7:45 p.m., we will move to the ballroom for the program which will consist of speakers explaining the legacy and the current status, and a three-course dinner, including white and red wines and water. After dinner, a cash bar will be available. Throughout the evening, we will enjoy the fabulous music provided by the SHAPE band so you can dance the night away or simply listen to the music as you enjoy your favorite drink. The all-inclusive price for this memorable event is €80 for ACB/AWCB/CCB members and €95 for non-members. We hope to see many of you present for what promises to be a very memorable evening in a marvelous setting! Event Details: Date: Friday, October 13, 2017. Time: 7:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. Place: Renaissance Hotel, Rue du Parnasse 19, 1050 Brussels. Price: €95. ACB, AWCB & CCB members receive a discounted price of €80. Public Transportation: Buses 12, 21 22, 27, 34, 38, 64, 80 and 95: Luxembourg. Dress Code: Business attire. Reservations are due by Monday, October 9, at: Payment in advance to ACB account BE55427919588144 (KREDBEBB). Please mention “Hoover Gala” in the reference section of the bank transfer. Online payment with a credit card is also possible (through PayPal, but no actual PayPal account is required); pay when registering or use the link provided in the invoice. Cancellations are possible until noon on Tuesday, October 10. Participants canceling after this time, as well as no-shows, are charged the full cost of the event. More info: When the German Army invaded Belgium in 1914, it left in its wake thousands of burned homes and murdered Belgian civilians. Belgium was economically devastated and, by October, the country’s population was facing the prospect of widespread starvation. A group of Belgian businessmen led by Emile Francqui, Ernest Solvay and Emmanuel Janssen created the Comité National de Secours et Alimentation to aid their fellow countrymen. However, the circumstances of the war left Belgium cut-off from world markets, and food supplies within Belgium were rapidly depleted. With the help of American businessmen living in Belgium, the Comité National reached out to Herbert Hoover, an American businessman living in London. Hoover created the Commission for Relief in Belgium (CRB) to help them. The CRB collected food and other relief supplies from America and around the world, and shipped those supplies to Belgium under the protection of the neutral American flag and the patronage of the American Ambassador in Belgium, Brand Whitlock. The Comité National could then distribute the food that the CRB brought to the starving Belgian population. Thanks to this partnership between the Comité National and the CRB, six million tons of food were shipped to Belgium from 1914 until the end of the war, keeping the citizens of Belgium and Northern France alive. After the war, the remaining funds that the CRB raised were used to help rebuild Belgium, particularly in the fields of education and academic research. CRB funds financed the reconstruction of the University Library at Leuven, supported the rebirth of four Belgian universities, and created the University Foundation and the Belgian American Educational Foundation. In this spirit, the American Club of Brussels is organizing the Hoover Belgian-U.S. Legacy Gala. It is an opportunity to remember the partnership between Belgium and America that sustained Belgium during World War I and its legacy in the field of education. It also celebrates the friendship that binds America and Belgium together today. ]]>