College Night Tips

With 100 exhibitors, Brussels College Night can be a busy event. Want to make the most of this unique opportunity? Read our staff’s top College Day tips, as well as questions you may consider asking university exhibitors! Thanks to UK Fulbright for this page!

Included below:

·         Top College Night Tips

·         Suggested List of University Questions

Top College Night Tips

1. Do your research

• Learn about strategies to choose a university that fits you best by reviewing the information provided in the choosing a university section (undergraduate or graduate studies) of the Fulbright website.

• Read the exhibitor profiles

• Look at a list of universities coming to the fair and highlight any of interest to you! Make a preliminary list of universities you are interested in and do some research prior to the fair.

• Demonstrate you’ve done your homework and are interested in that university. Prior to attending the fair, review information provided on the university’s website including any frequently asked questions.

• Go into the fair knowing what is important to you (university student activities, certain types of housing, study abroad and academic programmes, support offered to international students, employment opportunities after graduation, etc.)

2. Keep an open mind as you choose university stands to visit

• Did you know the Ivy League is by definition a sports league in the Northeast? Do not get hung up on the brand name universities. With over 4,000 universities in the US, it is likely you will apply to at least one you and your parents have never heard of!

• Remember that some of the well-known universities are extremely selective, with only 10% acceptance rates. To avoid disappointment when you receive your admissions decisions next spring, apply to a range of universities.

• If you have time, visit other booths when you are done with colleges on your primary list. You might stumble upon a great college you hadn’t considered!

• Try not to get hung up on one particular university. There is such a great variety of institutions attending College Day that you don’t want to miss out on a university that could be perfect for you by being focused on just one.

3. Plan your journey to the fair beforehand

• Have a look at the floor plan (available when you enter the event and on the booklet) and circle the exhibitors you want to visit.

• Do not forget to visit the Fulbright stands (2, 3) for answers to your questions about undergraduate study (2) and postgraduate study and the Fulbright Awards (3) and the US Embassy in Brussels stand (1) for information about visas.

4. Be prepared to introduce (and promote!) yourself to university representatives

• Practice a three sentence introduction: your name, year you intend to enrol, your anticipated major and what you are looking for in a university.

• Make a list of questions to ask, preferably beyond what you could read on the university website. See below for some ideas!

• Parents: We know it’s hard, but let your child do the talking! This is a unique time for students to speak directly with university staff or alumni who are likely to be involved in the selection process.

• Show interest when visiting with an admissions representative. Shake hands, maintain eye-contact. Remember to dress appropriately as well!

• Ask a variety of questions, ranging from student life and campus activities to faculty engagement and facilities.

5. On the day

• Pack light! The venue space may be crowded.

• We will not be providing catering to attendees on the day. If you would like to purchase snacks or lunch, you may want to visit a store on Kensington High Street (very close to the venue) and eat prior to or after your fair visit.

• Talk to one of our student volunteers who have studied in the USA.

• Have a notebook and a few pens with you in a bag or backpack. When you finish speaking with an admissions representative, you can take a few minutes to jot down some notes.

6. Post-Fair Tips

• Follow up after the fair with an email to the admissions representatives. Recap what you discussed and thank them for the information.

• Organise the university materials you collected when you go home and jot down any notes (while the information is still fresh in your mind)!

• Throw out the pamphlets of colleges you ruled out.

Questions to Consider Asking University Exhibitors

College Night is a unique opportunity for prospective students and parents to meet in-person with representatives from US universities and educational service providers. To help you make the most of the event, the Advisory Service staff have compiled a list of questions you may wish to discuss with exhibitors.

Choosing a university

• Does your university offer academic majors and minors that fit my interests?

• How would you describe campus life at your university? What extracurricular activities, athletic teams, clubs and community organisations are on offer?

• What can you tell me about the student population (size, diversity, etc.)?

• What is the area surrounding campus like? What about access to public transport from campus and the local climate?

• What university facilities are available to students (such as on-campus housing, gym facilities, library, student centres, etc.)?

• What support services are available for international students on your campus?

Admissions process

• What are the requirements for admission?

• What are the average admission exam scores and GPA for incoming freshmen (first year students)?

• [If you cannot find this information on their website, or you would like to clarify anything.] Could you give me an overview of your university’s admissions process (the deadlines, required examinations, essays, recommendation letters, transcripts, etc.)?


• What is the estimated cost of attendance (including tuition, fees, living expenses, books, etc.)?

• Does your university offer financial aid for international students? If so, how do I apply for this funding?