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I. Community College

II. Undergraduate Studies in the U.S.:

III. Graduate studies in the U.S.:

a) Masters



b) LLM

1. Presentations by Belgian and European LLM students



2. Presentations by U.S. universities about their LLM program

c) MBA and Business Studies



IV. PhD and Postdoctoral research in the U.S.:

V. Fulbright-Schuman (U.S.-EU relations or EU affairs):

a) U.S. Grantees


b) EU Grantees



c) General

VI. Fulbright Grant for Journalists:

VII. Internships:

a) Medical internships by Belgians in the U.S.:



b) Other internships by Belgians in the U.S.



c) Internships by students in Belgium:

VIII. Teachers – Teaching Assistants

a) Belgian Teachers in the U.S.


b) U.S. Teachers in Belgium

IX. Parental Advice

X. Universities/University Colleges in Belgium

XI. U.S. Students/Researchers at Universities in Belgium and Luxembourg

XII. The Fulbright Commission in Belgium

XIII.Exchange Programs

XIV. Financing Your Studies

XV. American University Clubs in Belgium

XVI. U.S. Universities and Colleges



XVII. Other

XVIII. Partner awards