Inter-Country Lecturing Program

The Fulbright Inter-Country Lecturing Program helps fund select Belgian institutions to invite an American Fulbright Scholar on assignment in Europe to Belgium for lecturing or attending a conference or colloquium. The Belgian Fulbright Commission will provide an international travel grant to bring the scholar to Belgium from his/her EU host country using the most economical fare, while the Belgian host institution applying for this support will be responsible for outlining and cost-sharing the remainder of the Fulbright scholar’s expenses.

After the grantee’s visit is over, it is mandatory that the Fulbright scholar records a video for the Commission’s Youtube channel like the one below and/or writes an entry about the experience for the Fulbright Belgium blog.

If your institution is looking to invite an American specialist to Belgium for a longer stay between 14-42 days, please check out our Fulbright Senior Specialist Program instead.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: The potential host institution in Belgium should consult the downloadable list of US scholars currently in Europe here (.xls), or visit the website of the Council for International Exchange of Scholars, to identify a U.S. Fulbright scholar from a relevant academic field whom they would like to invite. If the host has not had previous contact with an interesting scholar, the Fulbright Center may initiate contact on host’s behalf. Once the scholar has agreed to come, the Belgian institution should complete the inter-country lecturer award application online here, taking care to specifically outline the scholar’s expected costs and the Belgian institution’s preparedness to cost-share them. After the grant has been awarded, the Belgian host is responsible for making the visit arrangements directly with the visiting lecturer.

APPLICATION TIMELINE: Applications are accepted year-round. Since funding for this program is limited, requests will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.