Belgian diplomas have legal value and entitle bearers to certain rights including admission to some jobs, and/or to universities in Belgium. For this reason, they are given only to students who have completed the full Belgian program, or its equivalent. However excellent the American school system from which he or she comes, an American child will not have an “equivalent” program in the primary and secondary grades, and will not be eligible for the “Diplôme de fin d’Etudes Secondaires/Getuigschrift Secondair Onderwijs” He or she will, however, be given certificates showing all courses successfully completed in Belgium.


Parents of high school children have found American high schools willing to give credit for courses for which a Belgian certificate has been issued. It is possible for Americans who should be completing their senior year to obtain a high school diploma from their American high school on the basis of work done in Belgium. Arrangements for credit should be made in advance of study with the American high school concerned.


Documents needed for registration in a Belgian school :

1) Birth certificate.

2) Notarized Certificate delivered by the last school attended, signed by the principal, giving information on subjects covered and indicating whether the child was considered able to proceed to the next grade.

3) Record of inoculations.