General Info on Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has a population of about 423,700 and a size of 1,034 square miles, about the size of Rhode Island. It is nestled between Belgium to the west, France to the south, and Germany to the east. The capital of the Grand Duchy is Luxembourg City, which is also the headquarters of several institutions of the European Union, i.e., the European Court of Justice, EUROSTAT, the general secretariat of the European Parliament, the European Investment Bank, and the Court of Auditors.

Of the total population, 79,000 live in Luxembourg city and its suburbs. Foreign residents now constitute 34% of the total population. Luxembourgers are at the minimum tri-lingual, with Luxembourgish being the national language and French and German the official languages. However, since Luxembourgers seeking university education must study abroad (see the section on “Studying in Luxembourg”), many Luxembourgers are multi-lingual and can truly be considered as “citizens of the world.”

For a general description of Luxembourg, visit the website of the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg.