Research in Belgium

Numerous possibilities exist for U.S. citizens to pursue pre- or post-doctoral research in any of the Belgian universities or research institutions.

Generally speaking, arrangements for such research are made by previous contacts with Belgian professors or researchers.

If you don’t know in which university a Belgian is working, click on the websites for the Belgian universities: all have on-line listing of professors.

The portal website (Belgian Portal for Research and Innovation / Portail de la recherche et de l’innovation en Belgique / Belgisch portaal voor onderzoek en innovatie) developed by the Scientific and Technical Information Service provides its visitors with a structured and validated gateway to the main web sites dedicated to Belgian Research and Development activities and Innovation (RDI), whether they be conducted in Belgium or in the frame of a European/international cooperation. One of the priority subjects is RDI made possible through public funds. Unique access point to other Belgian information sources and Belgian scientific potential, this tool is also designed to strengthen the European Reseach Area (ERA).

The portal is designed for anyone taking part in research and innovation systems, in Belgium as well as abroad: policy makers, public administrators, managers, the scientific community, enterprises, end users of scientific research. To a larger extent, it aims at easing communication with other audiences (teachers, students, journalists, cultural milieus, etc.), including the general public.