Grants for American Citizens


The Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States, Belgium and Luxembourg has administered approximately 1,200 scholarships to American citizens to pursue opportunities of international educational and cultural exchange since opening its doors in 1948.

These grants vary in financial value and cover costs associated with study, research, and/or lecturing at the graduate (Master’s or PhD) or post-doctoral level at accredited universities and think tanks. American students apply for these awards through the Institute of International Education, where they can submit research or study proposals to the Belgium or Luxembourg programs or apply to serve as an English Teaching Assistant. American scholars can submit research or lecture proposals to the Belgium or Luxembourg programs through the Council of International Exchange Scholars. While they apply directly through IIE or CIES, all American applicants are welcome to approach the Commission directly for advice.

The Commission recommends Study in Flanders and Study in Belgium as a starting point for finding an academic host institution in Belgium.


In addition to award-specific requirements listed on the IIE and CIES websites, all Fulbright recipients generally submit clear, creative, and feasible project proposals in addition to demonstrating the following characteristics:

  • Outstanding academic background
  • Admission/invitation to an accredited university or think tank
  • Ambassadorial qualities necessary for educational and cultural exchange
  • Interest in contributing to the Fulbright and Fulbright Alumni networks
  • Willingness to return to their country of citizenship to share their newfound knowledge

Applications are submitted entirely online and detailed instructions are available under the description of each grant.


In addition to financial awards (typically including a monthly stipend and one-time travel grant), all U.S. Fulbright grantees to Belgium and Luxembourg receive Sickness & Accident Insurance during their grant period and access to Fulbright’s programming and extensive network of grantees and alumni. The Fulbright Commission in Brussels is not able to provide additional funding for coursework, language training, or dependent support.

Once in Europe, American Fulbright Belgium and Luxembourg grantees are invited to a local Fulbright orientation at the start of their grant period. They have the opportunity to attend events hosted at by the U.S. Embassy to Belgium and the U.S. Embassy to Luxembourg, seminars hosted in Berlin and Brussels, and cultural events organized through the Fulbright Alumni Association Belgium (FAAB). In addition, grantees are often invited to participate in educational and cultural outreach events at local secondary schools and universities alongside Fulbright Commission staff.


The following grants are available for U.S. citizens to Belgium and Luxembourg:

  • Research Grants for Visiting Scholars | Information
  • Study/Research Grants for Students | Information | Apply Online
  • English Teaching Assistantships | Information | Apply Online
  • Specific University Awards for Students (Belgium only)
    • Fulbright – Ghent Award | Information | Apply Online
    • Fulbright – Antwerp Award | Information | Apply Online
  • Short-Term Opportunities for Scholars

The Fulbright Commission in Brussels also administers the Fulbright-Schuman Program. For more information about opportunities for American students and scholars to the European Union, please visit