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The Fulbright Commission in Brussels is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of the thousands of alumni who have participated in Fulbright exchanges to and from Belgium, Luxembourg, and the European Union over the past seventy years. In addition to providing resources for continued engagement to alumni of our programs, the Fulbright Commission in Brussels also engages with alumni of other Fulbright Programs from around the world whose personal and professional journeys have brought them to the international capital of Europe. 

Belgian and Luxembourg Fulbright alumni are successful in every profession imaginable, including law, science, medicine, business, politics, and the creative arts. They are often leaders and innovators in their fields. While the list below is by no means exhaustive, here are just some of our many prominent alumni.

Notable alumni


Jean Hamilius

Cornell University (1950-51)

Luxembourgish politician, including: Minister for Agriculture, Public Works (1974-79) and Member of the European Parliament (1979-81)

Mariette, Baronne Delahaut

Graceland College (1953-54) and Arizona State University (1964-65)

After coming of age during World War II, Mariette Delahaut first worked with Americans as a translator for the U.S. Army. The Fulbright Program took her to Graceland College in 1953 and again to Arizona State University in 1964. Over the course of her long career in education, based primarily in Namur, she opened three different secondary schools, with an emphasis on bettering educational opportunities for girls and marginal students. She received the title of baroness in 2017 in recognition of her work.

Pol Descamps

Harvard University (1958-59)

Senior Strategic Advisor, Howest


Herman De Croo

University of Chicago (1961-62)

Belgian politician, including: Member of the Flemish Parliament and the Open VLD

Georges, Count Jacobs de Hagen

UC Berkeley (1962-63)

Businessman, including: Chairman, Board of Directors of Delhaize Group and Chairman, Board of Directors of UCB Group

François-Xavier De Donnea

UC Berkeley (1964-65)

Belgian politician, including: Former mayor of the City of Brussels and Minister-President of the Brussels-Capital Region


Paul De Grauwe

Johns Hopkins University (1970-71)

Belgian economist and John Paulson Professor in European Political Economy at the London School of Economics and Political Science

Herman Daems

Harvard University (1971-72) and the University of California, Los Angeles (1981-82)

Chairman of the Board, BNP Paribas Fortis, KU Leuven and BARCO

Koen Lenaerts

Harvard Law School (1977-78)

President, European Court of Justice

As a Fulbright grantee in the 1970s, Koen Lenaerts received a Master of Laws degree from Harvard Law School, where he studied alongside John Roberts, the future chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Today, Dr. Lenaerts gives back to the Fulbright Program by welcoming U.S. Fulbrighters to the European Court of Justice during the annual Fulbright Seminar on the European Union and NATO.

Johan Verbeke

Yale Law School (1977-78)

Belgian diplomat, including: Belgian Ambassador to the USA (2014-16)



Charles Beauduin

Harvard University (1985-86)

CEO and owner of Michel Van de Wiele NV

Luc Frieden

Harvard University (1987-88)

Luxembourgish politician, including: Minister of Finance, Minister of Defense, Minister of Justice, Vice Chairman, Deutsche Bank

Peter Leys

University of Georgia (1987-88)

Director and Executive Chairman, Materialise



Pierre Wunsch

Princeton University (1990-91)

Governor of the National Bank of Belgium

Pierre Vandekerckhove

University of Hawaii and NYU Medical Center (1990-91)

CEO, Belgian Red Cross – Flanders

Petra De Sutter

Reproductive Genetics Institute (1991-92)

Professor in Gynaecology, Department Head at the Ghent University Hospital and Senator for the Flemish Green party Groen

Koenraad, Baron Debackere

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1991-92)

Professor and Managing Director at KU Leuven

Sylvie Van den Kerkhof

University of Chicago (1992-93)

Vice President of Marketing, UPS

Françoise Thoma

Harvard University (1995-96)

Director,  Banque et Caisse d’Epargne de l’Etat

Peter Vandermeersch

Harvard University (1997-98)


Gregoire Dallemagne

University of Chicago (1998-99)

CEO, EDF Luminus

David Moucheron

Columbia University (1999-00)

Member of the Executive Committee, CBC Banque, CEO of bpost (former)


Alexander De Croo

Northwestern University (2002-03)

Belgian politician, including: Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, Minister of Finance of Belgium

Liebrecht Vanbeckevoort

New England Conservatory (2006-07)

Belgian concert pianist, including: Finalist, 2007 Queen Elisabeth Competition

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