Eat&Meet with Geert Noels (New York)

The Fulbright Commission in Brussels is excited to announce its next Eat&Meet with Geert Noels, Founder, Group CEO and Chief Economist of Econopolis!

Join us on Thursday, 11 January 2024 at 12:30 PM for a lunch and panel discussion in New York with guest speaker Geert Noels who will talk about his recently launched book ‘Capitalism XXL: Why the Global Economy Became Gigantic and How to Fix It’.

For more information or to register for this event, please send an email to

About the speaker
Geert Noels is a well-known Belgian economist, who has worked in think tanks and private companies. He founded an independent asset manager and economic consultancy firm, Econopolis, the fastest growing independent asset manager in Belgium. His advice is regularly requested by various organizations and authorities, who appreciate his creative thinking and completely independent macroeconomic vision. He has helped the Belgian government twice to reform the financial sector after the financial crisis. Geert holds an MA from the University of Antwerp and an MBA from KU Leuven.

He is the author of Econoshock (2008), which sold more than 100,000 copies in Belgium and was used for a four-part documentary on national TV. It deals with the six long-term trends that are transforming our economy, society and daily life. Already in 2008, Geert put forward climate and energy, apart from technology and demography, as major disruptive trends for the long run.

In 2019 his second book Gigantisme was published. Gigantisme is a strong plea against companies and organizations that are getting too big and powerful, and are changing the sound rules of capitalism. it was translated into ‘Capitalism XXL’ in 2023 and published by McGill University Press.

Geert is also an endurance athlete and participated three times in the UCI MTB Race Cape Epic in South Africa, and he has a Private Pilot Licence.

Eat&Meet’s are lunches hosted by leaders from different professional areas to talk about their background, career path and share their experiences abroad or in the U.S. Both current Fulbright grantees and alumni get the opportunity to ask questions, build their network and expand their knowledge.

This event is co-hosted by the Delegation of Flanders to the USA at Flanders House New York