Grants for Post-Doctoral Research or Lecturing

As part of the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program, the Fulbright Commission awards teaching and research grants for American scholars to Belgium and Luxembourg. Grants are for between three and nine months, from mid-September through mid-June.

All candidates holding a PhD (or appropriately qualified professionals outside of academia) are considered, but candidates with several years of experience after attaining a PhD (or other terminal degree) are preferred. Applications will be accepted in all fields.


February till mid-September


Review eligibility requirements below and include all required documents in your online application.



More information on eligibility and detailed information per grant can be found below.


U.S. applicants to the Fulbright Program in Belgium and Luxembourg apply through the Fulbright Scholar Program.

Candidates are responsible for securing their own admission or affiliation at a university, conservatory, think tank, or non-profit organization in Belgium or Luxembourg. The Commission recommends Study in Flanders and Study in Belgium as a starting point for finding an academic host institution in Belgium. While they apply directly through the Fulbright Scholar Program, all American applicants are welcome to approach the Commission directly for advice.


"My Fulbright grant to Belgium allowed me to connect with colleagues at one of the premier institutions in the world in my field. I also traveled all over Belgium conducting interview research for a new project. And one day a week, I taught a course for master’s students from all over the world – a new experience for me since my home college is solely an undergraduate institution."
Laurie Johnston
Fulbright Scholar to Belgium
"I had the opportunity to participate in the Fulbright program as a faculty researcher, shortly after having gained tenure at my home institution. This was a great time to develop new directions in my research portfolio and establish new collaborations. An academic year with the Fulbright program in Belgium made these new directions and collaborations possible. It also gave me insights into how academic programs are structured in different countries. The program expanded my areas of expertise and teaching methodologies."
Solveig A. Cunningham
Fulbright Grantee to Belgium