Intern at the Fulbright Commission

Are you interested in interning at the Fulbright Commission?

The Fulbright Commission offers a select number of internships for students, including part-time and full-time internships, throughout the year. Interns work on projects ranging from educational advising and program administration to event management and social media/communications. Recently, the Fulbright Commission has partnered with the University of Antwerp, Boston University, Mount Holyoke College, Odisee University College, Syracuse University, and Vesalius College on for-credit internship programs at the undergraduate and graduate level.

For volunteer and internship opportunities at the Fulbright Commission, please contact with a resume and cover letter.

Internship Testimonials

Mike's internship at Fulbright led him to a career in international education in the USA.

I had a great experience as an intern at the Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States, Belgium, and Luxembourg during summer 2013. After completing the internship and my studies in Illinois and Sweden, I started working at my alma mater, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and I’ve been there ever since. My current position involves supporting university advancement, fundraising, and alumni relations with alumni who live overseas. The internship with the Commission was my first time living abroad. At the time, I was studying the European Union, so it was exciting to live in Brussels, where so many EU activities take place. Facilitated by the wonderful staff at the Commission, I had the chance to visit the Belgian Parliament, NATO, and several EU institutions. We worked closely with the local U.S. Embassy; I met the U.S. Ambassador on the second day of my internship! Every day was exciting and different, and I have fond memories of the office and all of the places we visited. I highly recommend applying for an internship at the Commission to all who are interested. I gained several skills, such as how to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment, improving my intercultural communication skills, and overall a deeper knowledge of higher education and international relations. Since the Commission is so active with a variety of projects, an internship allows you to learn more about your own professional interests. Go for it!
Mike Nelson
Assistant Director of International Constituent Engagement at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

As an intern, Addie saw firsthand the impact of international exchange programs.

At Fulbright Belgium, I had many formative experiences that influenced my current work and future career aspirations. Specifically, having the chance to organize the EU-US Young Leaders Seminar was a highlight of my time in Brussels. The inaugural conference worked in cooperation with Erasmus+ to gather former and current Fulbright scholars and practitioners together. The 2017 iteration focused on immigration challenges in Europe. The conference created a space for shared experience that would influence the future of European immigration, and it was powerful to have contributed to that environment. Following my graduation from American University in 2018, I have spent over two years working at Meridian International Center in Washington, DC. As the Special Projects Coordinator, I implement the International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), a US State Department exchange program that addresses subjects ranging from surf tourism to counter-terrorism efforts. Working at the Fulbright Commission dictated the importance of international exchanges and instilled a personal desire to contribute to other programs pursuing cross-cultural collaboration.
Madeline Schieber
Special Projects Coordinator, Meridian International Center

Luana took a deep dive into the American educational system (and office environment).

I was an intern in 2016 then again in 2019 and both experiences were wonderful. I learned a lot about the American school system and diplomatic relations. My internship was great because both Erica and Elisabeth gave me the opportunities to grow both professionally and personally. I now work as a teacher and researcher and would’ve never gotten to where I am without their help, support and trust. Interning at Fulbright is a great experience for both American and Belgian students. You get to work on your English on another level, you get to meet very important people and you’re involved in helping students realize their academic dreams.
Luana Jassogne
Junior Researcher, Odisee

Ugonna developed new skills and made the most of her semester abroad.

I had an amazing experience interning at the Fulbright Commission during my semester studying abroad in the fall of 2016. Prior to this internship, I worked at the visitor's center at my university, where I gave students admission information and campus tours. During my semester abroad, I wanted to leverage that experience, and the Fulbright Commission was the perfect place! I had the opportunity to learn how we advise students, and was able to work my way up to actually conducting individual sessions for students interested in higher education and research opportunities in the U.S. The internship also allowed me to build a new skill - event planning. I helped plan three different Fulbright alumni events in cities across Belgium, and also helped plan Brussels College Night, which had over 300 students and parents in attendance. These valuable experiences played a big role in making my semester abroad so great!
Ugonna Nwankwo
Digital Marketing & Communications Associate at Texas Instruments

A life-changing internship helped Crockett discover his passion for international education!

My internship with the Fulbright Commission Belgium was one of the truly most transformative experiences of my life. Before studying abroad in Brussels and having my internship, I thought I knew what I wanted to do for my career, but this opportunity changed that forever. After learning about Fulbright, EducationUSA and the entire world of international education, I dedicated the remainder of my university career to charting a path for a career in international education. Now, I am once again working with EducationUSA at the Institute of International Education in Washington, D.C. I cannot thank Erica and the Fulbright Commission staff enough for opening my eyes to a whole new world.
Crockett Sewell
Special Projects Manager, EducationUSA at Institute of International Education